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Gray Tools Official Blog

How to Save Money on Quality Tools

October 15, 2018

In an ideal world, we all want to tackle our projects using the best tools available. There are brands in each tool category that have built a reputation of quality and dependability among professional users. These are the brands we want to own.

In reality, our desire to own the best goes against a limited budget, regardless if it’s our personal budget or the company allowance.

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Eye Bolts 101: How to Safely Select and Use the Right Eye Bolt For Your Application

June 12, 2018

Selecting the right tool for the job can make a huge difference in productivity and quality of work. There are certain tools whose proper selection and use go beyond making your job faster and easier and actually affect workplace safety.

Eyebolts are such tools. For this reason, selecting and using eyebolts correctly can make the difference between a safe work environment and one that puts people’s lives at risk. 

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